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IC Cold Links: Pacers look to provide TJ Ford with an opportunity to play

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Mike Wells touches on the situation of TJ Ford.  The Pacers would like to provide him with an opportunity to get some PT as he searches for a contract after this year.  Once the Carmelo Anthony saga is over, the Pacers should have a better idea on whether Ford will have an opportunity to play for another team through a trade or through a buyout.

Last night's dunk contest was more exciting than I have seen in a few years.  Those guys were pretty creative and seemed to bring some excitement back to the contest that had been missing.  However, I wasn't overly impressed with Blake Griffiin's dunk over the car to win....

Check out the links of the day after the jump...also, let me know what you guys think of NBA All-Star Weekend so far.  Has the NBA done a good job this year?  If not, how could they improve? Ideas??..