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Reggie Miller Not A Finalist For Basketball Hall of Fame

Hey, Hall of Fame, over here!
Hey, Hall of Fame, over here!

According to Yahoo! Sports and the New York Times, Reggie Miller didn't make the list of finalists for induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

So Reggie joins Slick Leonard as an Indiana Pacers' icon getting snubbed by the Hall of Fame process. The Hall's voting members are anonymous but I'm thinking Bill Simmons must've been added to the list or at maybe paid off the committee because he's the only guy I've heard dismiss Reggie's career as not worthy of the Hall. Of course, he seems to also dismiss all of the years Reggie played in the same Division as Michael Jordan.

Personally, I'll stick with Donnie Walsh's comments on the first-ballot slight.

"I just know this, if he's not a Hall of Fame guy, I don't know who is," said Walsh, who drafted Miller 11th over all out of U.C.L.A. in 1987, taking a pass on the in-state favorite Steve Alford.

"He took a very troubled franchise and ended up in the Eastern Conference finals six times," Walsh said of Miller. "That's pretty impressive for a guy who weighs about 185 pounds, and in the years that he did it, he was a marked guy and he relished it. I feel very thankful to Reggie to what he did for the Pacers and I just feel he deserves that honor, whether it comes now, later or whatever."

No doubt, the call will eventually come for Miller, but this seemed like a perfect year considering the list of other candidates, but apparently the committee didn't want to make him a first-ballot inductee. It should be interesting to see which players do make the list of finalists this year.