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IC Cold Links: Pacers lose focus, game against the Pistons

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The Pacers played their worst complete game so far under Coach Frank Vogel last night against the Detroit PistonsTayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey each took their turns going at the Indiana Pacers defense with more success than not.  This was the exact definition of a "trap game" (literally, it says Pacers v. Pistons), and the Pacers got caught and lost because of it.

I have good news!  The Pacers now have a break to practice.  Coach Vogel has not really had much time to install new schemes into practice so far.  As he mentioned last night, their defense has taken a hit and it bit them in the butt last night because of it.  Not only were Pistons flying by a Pacers defender in a one-on-one matchup, but the defensive rotation allowed for an easy slam or layup more times than not.  Vogel can continue to make this team his own with some much needed practice.  Obviously, there will be a small break for the players, but this team seems hungry enough under Vogel to want to continue to improve.

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