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IC Cold Links: Great Anticipation For Pacers Game With Heat Tonight

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The Pacers have to do whatever it takes to keep battle the Heat tonight.
The Pacers have to do whatever it takes to keep battle the Heat tonight.

The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have played two extremely entertaining games so far this season. Well, entertaining if you are a Pacers fan, at least.

Still, as they prepare to play at Conseco Fieldhouse tonight, despite the strong play from the Pacers of late, it's still hard to not envision LeBron James and Dwyane Wade saying enough and laying a beat-down on the Pacers. Of course, LeBron did drop 41 on the Pacers last week which didn't translate to a thumping. Still, I guess I'm having a hard time truly adjusting my expectation even with all of the legitimate talk that tonight's game could be preview of a first round playoff matchup this year.

Tim Donahue mentioned a similar reticence he feels with the sudden, positive turn of events. TD then goes on to look ahead at the schedule which shows the positive outlook is indeed warranted. It all makes sense and the Pacers should certainly be able to finish the season in the playoff mix, but I won't exhale until they cross the finish line and those playoff tickets are for sale. In homage to the late, great Tom Carnegie, I'm hoping the Pacers don't play the role of Mario Andretti with everything looking great before...slowing down on the backstretch.

Don't want to hold you up from the links any further, because you will be treated to an epic Crate appearance by assistant coach Walter McCarty who not only shows off his bark but discusses his new CD and performs one of the tracks. Can't confirm, but I think Bruno is singing backup for McCarty. I think...