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IC Cold Links: McRoberts Blocks Love At Crunch Time, Helps Save Win For Pacers

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A.J. Price jump-started the Indiana Pacers fourth quarter comeback and Dahntay Jones finished what Price started with his 19 fourth-quarter points. In fact, after the game Kurt Rambis said he didn't do a good enough job helping his team stop Jones. If he was honest, Rambis would probably say his initial plan was to force Jones to beat them, which of course he did.

But others made plays to help close out the win, none bigger than the defensive possession Josh McRoberts turned in at crunch time.

Twenty seconds of hand-to-hand combat with three minutes to play in a two-possession game.

The Minnesota Timberwolves had the ball down 107-103 with plans to go through their all-atar forward Kevin Love to keep things tight. Love is so technically sound in the post he seems to find a way to get the ball when he want it. Josh McRoberts was tasked with keeping the ball out of Love's hands.

"I was just trying not to let him catch the ball on that possession," McRoberts said. "He's their all-star, that's who they want to go to, so Frank always says, they can't score if they don't get it."

Easier said than done, as McRoberts battled through Love's stout base multiple times to front and deny Love an angle to catch the pass. Love continued to try to re-post and McRoberts continued to battle through. Finally, the T'Wolves swung the ball to the opposite side which gave Love a chance to carve out a spot on the opposite block.

When Love turned to shoot, McRoberts was right there to not only swat the shot attempt, but keep the ball in play for the Pacers to take the other way. Dahntay Jones cashed it in at the other end for one of his two 3-pointers putting the Pacers up 110-103.

That play killed Minny's will. Ballgame.

"I was trying to make sure he didn't get the ball," McRoberts explained. "But he got possession on the weak side because of the way I was playing him and I was able to time it up and get a block at the end."

Sounds easy enough, but the battle leading up to the block was anything but easy. Just one of several big plays down the stretch that secured the win for the Pacers.

After the jump, a few links of interest from the comeback win last night.