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Ray Allen Makes 3-Pointer To Break Reggie Miller's NBA Record

Congratulations are in order for Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen for breaking former Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller's NBA record for career 3-pointers.

With 1:48 left in the first quarter of Boston's game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Allen caught a pass from Rajon Rondo in transition on the right wing then stopped and popped the wide-open 3-pointer for the record, which now stands at 2,561 and counting.

Reggie was on hand for the moment, calling the game for TNT and seemed genuinely excited to have a player like Ray Allen eclipse his record. He was happy to have the night's focus be on shooting the basketball and great shooters, knowing how much work goes into making all of those threes.

Reggie and Allen embraced after a foul call shortly after the record-breaking shot and then again after the first quarter when the Celtics more formally acknowledged the achievement. Reggie even got a hug from Ray's mom.

I'm a big fan of Ray Allen myself and would want no one else top Reggie's record. I've always been a sucker for the 3-ball. Not the ill-advised shot by anyone hanging around the arc, but those taken by great shooters getting open, catching the ball in rhythm and then finding the bottom of the net after releasing a sweet stroke.

Ray Allen's shot is pure hoops poetry, defining the jump shot for many generations to come. When he rises and releases that shot at the top of his jump all is right with the world. The ball splashing through the net is expected. Every time.

So raise a glass for all of those glorious 3-balls Reggie shared with us and then again for more to come from Ray Allen.