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Jerry Sloan Set To Resign As Utah Jazz Coach

Former Evansville Purple Ace Jerry Sloan is reportedly stepping down as coach of the Utah Jazz in the midst of his 23rd season with the Jazz.

I don't ever expect to hear it from Sloan, but obviously something happened with management between the time he signed a one-year contract extension on Monday and the extended emergency meeting immediately after the Jazz lost to the Chicago Bulls last night. I'm assuming there was more involved than frustration over former Jazz players Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver and C.J. Watson helping the Bulls beat the Jazz, but I'm sure that didn't help.

Tyrone Corbin seems like the logical choice to take over the top seat on the Jazz bench, although I assume that depends on what is going on behind the scenes. If there are serious problems that brought about the abrupt departure of the legendary coach, Corbin may want no part of it.

Corbin is considered a worthy head-coaching candidate in the NBA and is surely somewhere on the Pacers list of possible coaching candidates to consider this summer. At this point, Frank Vogel is also on that list as are several others considering all of the issues facing the Pacers this summer.