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IC Cold Links: Pacers Test Power Of Positive Thinking

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Frank Vogel made the media rounds prior to his coaching debut last night as a way to try to introduce himself to the community. I listened to six of those interviews and the message Vogel continued to send was that he felt he was coaching a really good basketball team and he believed in all of the players.

After last night's win, the team didn't play like a real good basketball team but they did play well enough to win and Vogel continued to pound the positive theme. Repeat the positive refrain enough times and the players just might start believing it as well and then the public will follow.

We'll see how the results shake out but I must say, it sure makes for a more enjoyable experience to watch. Vogel appears willing to let his young players work through mistakes to try to make a positive impact.  Jim O'Brien preferred to limit the negative plays by sending players to the bench to avoid further negative plays, whereas now players like Roy Hibbert, Darren Collison and Paul George will be given a chance to stay on the court and make up for the negative play with a positive play.

There's no denying the vibe on the court and in the players' reactions after the game was vastly more positive. They acknowledged all of the problems they have to address but also seemed excited about attacking those problems with a fresh mind set.

It almost seems too simple. Stay positive and let the players know what to expect so they're better prepared to to give a strong effort.

After the jump, plenty of links with reaction and quotes from last night's win.