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NBA Rumors: Jeff Foster To Re-Sign With Pacers; Nets Raise Ante On Nene Too High

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The Indiana Pacers tipped off training camp with their first practice on Friday at Conseco Fieldhouse (via <a href="!/Pacers" target="new">@Pacers</a>)
The Indiana Pacers tipped off training camp with their first practice on Friday at Conseco Fieldhouse (via @Pacers)

The Indiana Pacers took the court on Friday for their first official practice of training camp, while the front office continued to try to fill out the roster for the regular season. Check out this extended video clip from the Pacers scrimmage today. It is sure to get your hoops juices flowin'.

Mike Wells dropped some good news for Pacers fans, with an update on the latest Pacers roster moves which includes re-signing Mr. Pacer, Jeff Foster to a one-year deal.

James Posey is not in camp w Pacers. Front office looking at options to see what they can do w him. Foster will sign a 1-year deal 2morrow.

The absence of Posey isn't a big surprise either since he and Frank Vogel clashed last season which would indicate Pose and the Pacers would just be better off parting company. I'm sure the Pacers are trying to work through their options to try to avoid using the amnesty clause on Posey, but that seems like the most likely option at this point.

As for Foster, this isn't much of a surprise either since he had a strong desire to return to the team and continued acting like a team leader during the lockout even though he was officially a free agent. Foster helped organize workouts among the players at Hinkle Fieldhouse in September and monitored the draft prior to the lockout to gather a little front office experience for his post-playing career.

The biggest news of the day in free agency is that the New Jersey Nets have reportedly up the ante on Nene offering him a maxish deal for at least $15 million per year. That's too rich for the Pacers so after making their best pitch, they are folding and moving on. That likely means taking a run at David West and/or Carl Landry. There hasn't been much buzz on West outside of New Orleans which is good news for the Pacers effort to make a reasonable offer, although teams are also waiting for the Nene domino to drop to see how that impacts the PF market.

Sure feels like making a run at Landry is the most logical move for the Pacers while they keep cap space available for other options to fall their way.