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Pacers Free Agent Update: Indiana To Sign PF Jeff Pendergraph; Mike Dunleavy To Milwaukee Bucks

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According to Sam Amick, the Indiana Pacers expect to sign free agent power forward Jeff Pendergraph to a two-year, guaranteed deal at some point after teams are allowed to sign free agents starting tomorrow afternoon.

Pendergraph was the first pick in second round of the 2009 NBA draft by the Sacramento Kings who then traded the power forward out of Arizona State to the Portland Trail Blazers, a move made by current Pacers' Director of Player Personnel Kevin Pritchard when Pritchard was calling the shots for the Blazers.

So obviously, Pritchard has plenty of intel on Pendergraph and approved of this move by the Pacers which I assume will hover around the league minimum with Pendergraph coming off of a knee injury that kept him out of the NBA last season. Pendergraph played in 39 games during his rookie season (2009-10) in a reserve role off the bench.

Consider this move a pallet cleanser for the Pacers to prepare for more moves. Remember that the Pacers have several open roster spots and not every player added to the mix will be tagged for heavy minutes in the playing rotation. This move may close the door on Josh McRoberts returning, but I wouldn't consider it a backup plan for dealing Hansbrough (as rumors have stated is possible). Instead, consider Pendergraph a replacement for Solo Jones. At 24 and coming off a knee injury, Pendergraph will have to earn his minutes the old fashioned way.

Also, former Pacers SF/SG Mike Dunleavy has reportedly agreed to sign a two-year, $7.5 million deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, according to Woj. Dun will retrace the steps of his famous father who spent the final four years of his NBA playing career with the Bucks. He'll also join former Pacer Stephen Jackson, a player who swapped places with Dunleavy five years ago, if you recall. Anyone?

In the FanPosts, dbcb offers a nice farewell to Dunleavy.

After the jump, check out some Pendergraph highlights from his time in Portland. The big fella was certainly active, but remember these highlights were prior to the knee injury suffered in preseason last year.