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IC Cold Links: Pacers Remain In Mix Among NBA Trade and Free Agency Rumors

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The Indiana Pacers begin training camp on Friday but the front office continues to work to fill out the roster and according to varying reports, remain involved in the mix as a potential trade partner or free agents.

The Chris Paul-to-Boston chatter continues to churn and Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the C's are trying to work with the Pacers to make it happen while sending Rajon Rondo to the Pacers.

The Celtics had discussions with the Indiana Pacers about the framework of a deal that could've sent Paul to the Celtics, Rondo to Indiana and a package, including former Hornet Darren Collison, Tyler Hansbrough, Brandon Rush and draft picks, to New Orleans, sources said.

New Orleans would have keener interest in small forwards Danny Granger or Paul George, but Pacers president Larry Bird has declared those players "untouchable" in trade talks, sources said.

Not sure which is more interesting, the deal to land Rondo or the bit about Granger and PG being untouchable.

The NBAP is expected to finalize the CBA to keep the NBA moving toward a Christmas Day start to the season.

Check out the links for more on the free agent and trade rumors with players starting to pick teams, including T.J. Ford taking the veteran minimum to join the San Antonio Spurs. Also, huge kudos to folks writing the FanPosts, keeping everyone up to date on the latest news as it is reported. Please keep it up as things start falling into place over the next couple of days.