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IC Cold Links: Donnie Walsh Courting Jeff Foster? Pacers In Mix For Shane Battier?

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Speculation continues to mount as the NBA silly season is crammed into a week now with teams allowed to talk to players today and work on deals to officially sign on Friday.

Among the latest rumors involving the Pacers, includes a NY Post report that former Pacers prez Donnie Walsh is making a play to have Jeff Foster join him in New York with the Knicks. That just seems so wrong on many levels.

Foster leaving the Pacers? To join the Knicks? At the behest of Donnie Walsh? Ugh.

The Knicks will surely be willing and able to pay Foster more than the Pacers will offer (depending on how free agency shakes out) but I'm sure the Pacers will offer Foster some type of deal so it will depend on whether the feisty one wants to finish out his career with the Pacers or spend a season in New York.

Also, Shane Battier has reportedly narrowed his choice of teams to four and Indiana remains on the list. Battier is essentially the small forward version of Foster and would be a wonderful veteran player to add to the Pacers locker room.

Stay tuned as reports of player sightings begin to show up around the league today. Check out the rest of the links after the jump.