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Tim Duncan Shares His Bank Shot Wisdom With Roy Hibbert

During the lockout, Roy Hibbert made a couple of trips to San Antonio to learn at the foot of the modern master of the low post game, Tim Duncan. Hibbert is always eager to learn but as he explained in his Fieldhouse arrival video, Duncan was equally eager to share his wisdom and some fundamentally sound tricks of the trade with the big fella.

Timmy even opened the vault on the greatest of fundamental treasures he could share -- the bank shot.

"He taught me a lot of things, in terms of things I'm not comfortable with," Hibbert said. "Like turning and facing, shooting off the glass and just working on things that are out of my comfort zone. He took me to dinner, we ate and talked, we chopped it up. He's a real good guy."

Sweet! One of the keys to developing skills is to push yourself outside of your "comfort zone" and to keep working through the initial failure until eventually performing the skill becomes routine. But sometimes, you don't know what you don't know, and it sounds like Duncan may have opened up a whole new way of approaching the game for Hibbert. Now Roy just has to apply the knowledge to what works for him.