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Pacers Front Office Can Talk To Free Agents Starting On Monday

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The NBA is slowly letting up on the lockout restrictions as the players and owners move closer to finalizing the new CBA, allowing the NBA season to begin on Christmas Day.

During the lockout, no one within the Indiana Pacers organizations (or any other team) could have any interaction with the players. Then last Wednesday, players will still off limits, but the front office could talk to agents for free agents to begin negotiations. On Thursday, players were allowed to use the team's facilities, but still no discussions with coaches or other front office personnel.

This seems a bit ridiculous, doesn't it?

Well, tomorrow the league peels back another layer of restrictions when they are allowed to talk to free agents, in person and everything. This means Larry Bird, David Morway and coach Frank Vogel can also talk to the non-free agent Pacers that show up at Conseco Fieldhouse. Just talk, though, Vogel can't take in or take part in any type of workouts the players put themselves through.

Nope, that can't happen until Friday when teams can officially sign free agents and begin training camp. Whew.

Most of the Pacers are expected to get together to work out on Monday. has video of Roy Hibbert and Darren Collison making their first appearance at the Fieldhouse since the lockout. Collison flew into Indy on Sunday evening and went staight to the gym to get in some work.