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IC Cold Links: Pacers Win And Move On To Detroit To Face Pistons

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One thing is obvious from the start of this hectic NBA season, no win by any team should be taken for granted. The Indiana Pacers have taken care of business in their first three games without playing their best basketball which is the best news of all.

Tonight they take on the Detroit Pistons for the second time this week after dominating them on the glass the first time around. The Pacers battled fog on their short trip to Detroit which kept them from their hotel until 3:30 a.m., so add the fog to the fatigue and who knows what will type of team will show up at the Palace at Auburn Hills.

Regardless, I'm sure the Pacers will battle through like they did last night. Plus, the Pistons were on the road last night in Boston, so life is rough all around.

One little thing I loved at the end of last night's win, was the way Danny Granger closed out the win in OT. After struggling with an array of wild drives throughout the night, he hit some big buckets and then made sure on a critical side out of bounds situation with less than a minute to play that he and Paul George (the inbounder) were on the same page so Granger could get the ball, take the foul and shoot the free throws to put the game away. Reminded me of ol' 31, getting the ball and putting a game away.

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