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IC Cold Links: Pacers Cross Border To Take On Raptors

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The Indiana Pacers made their way to Canada yesterday while preparing to take on the Toronto Raptors. The Pacers will try to sneak a W back through customs on their return trip but also hope to build on their opening night win over the Detroit Pistons.

Knocking down open shots would be a great place to start, but more importantly the Pacers need to establish a consistent level of play with regard to their defensive and rebounding effort. Successful teams need something to hang their hat on when all else fails and rebounding and hustle are a great place to start (certainly better than three-point shooting).

Jeff Foster didn't make the trip so the playing rotation will likely remain the same with Lou Amundson playing the emergency big role off the bench. I heard from lots of folks who were impressed with Lance Stephenson and want him to play more, but don't get too excited. Stephenson will have to earn an expanded role and for the time being, playing five to ten minutes in the first half rotation will be his role.

Of course, as the season kicks into high gear, which is now by the way with three games in the next four days, Stephenson, Amundson and any live bodies on the bench will get some run depending on how games play out with foul trouble and minor injuries. Hopefully Stephenson will continue to leave people wanting more.

After the jump, check out the links with plenty on the game tonight as well as Josh McRoberts earning a new nickname with the Lakers.