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SB Nation's Preseason All-Division Teams Include West, Granger, Collison

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Tom Ziller from SB organized a preseason vote among NBA bloggers to determine the preseason all-division teams for each NBA division. All team bloggers voted for each division to help level out the biases and the results were interesting, as you might expect.

One reason for doing going with all-division teams was to dig deeper into the league and consider more players for what they bring to their team. The Indiana Pacers had one first team selection in the Central Division with forward David West making the list. Danny Granger and Darren Collison were named to the second team.

Here is how the Central teams look.


  • Center: Andrew Bogut
  • Forward: Carlos Boozer
  • Forward: David West
  • Guard: Derrick Rose
  • Guard: Brandon Jennings


  • Center: Joakim Noah
  • Forward: Luol Deng
  • Forward: Danny Granger
  • Guard: Rodney Stuckey
  • Guard: Darren Collison

Make sure you check out the expectations for all of the NBA divisions.