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What Is Your Holiday Wish For The Indiana Pacers This Season?

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'Tis the season to make a wish and with the NBA regular season about to tip off, Ian Levy gathered a wide-ranging collection of potential wishes from NBA bloggers for every team and published the results at his Hickory High blog. Those results are a blast to read with wishes big and small, practical and outlandish.

The project raises a great question for everyone here to consider. If you were able to grant one gift to the 2011-12 Indiana Pacers what would it be? My gift leaned toward the outlandish end of the scale which really boiled down to releiveng a little stress.

One gift for the Indiana Pacers would be a magic knee brace for David West to alleviate any concerns about his injury recovery and keep him available for all 66 regular season games.

So how about you? Please share your gift response in the comments. I'd love to see what everyone else thinks the Pacers could use heading into the season.

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