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Pacers Cut Camp Invitees, Trim Roster To 13 For NBA Regular Season

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And then there were 13.

The Indiana Pacers released the four D-League players invited to go through the team's abbreviated training camp on Thursday afternoon. Jarrid Famous, Tyren Johnson, Darnell Lazare and Matt Rogers were all free agents brought in to bolster the workout numbers as the Pacers prepare for the NBA regular season.

That leaves the Pacers with 13 players on the roster well ahead of the Saturday deadline to finalize roster cuts. With 15 available roster spots, it seemed like one of the D-Leaguers may have a chance to grab a spot on the team, but the Pacers are keeping their options (and roster spots) open as they remain in position to make a move to add a player should the right deal open up.

Besides it will probably do those players better to keep showing their wares in game action in the D-League, although I'm sure they don't want to hear that right now.

The roster rules are a little different this year with the new CBA and the crazy shortened season. According to Mike Wells, all 13 players can suit up and be active for at least the first part of the season and then I think they can suit up all 13 but only play 12 starting in February.

With James Posey amnestied the Pacers only have 12 players with guaranteed contracts on the roster plus point guard A.J. Price whose contract is non-guaranteed. The Pacers are in prime position so scoop up a player depending on what options arise as other teams finalize their rosters over the next two days.

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