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The Indiana Pacers Officially Play At Bankers Life Fieldhouse Now

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Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Pacers Sports & Entertainment president Jim Morris revealed the new name for Conseco Fieldhouse which is actually a bit of a surprise. As of Thursday morning, the Indiana Pacers will call Bankers Life Fieldhouse their home.

In May 2010 Conseco changed its name to CNO Financial, so most speculation about the name change expected the new name to be CNO Financial Fieldhouse or CNO Fieldhouse. In fact, there were reports of local hotels already using that name in describing local attractions on their websites.

Instead CNO Financial decided to use the Fieldhouse to promote Bankers Life, one of their subsidiary brands. CNO Financial is in year 13 of their 20-year naming rights deal with the Fieldhouse, but I don't expect much of an adjustment from folks referencing the gym. In the past, people usually called it "The FIeldhouse" or "Conseco" so now I'm sure the Fieldhouse will be the place to be. BLF? Maybe, but I'm a Fieldhouse guy personally in conversation, although BLF works well for writing.

Here's a site for the BLF restaurants with a rendering of the new name in place. See, that wasn't so hard. Also, here is the new site and logo.

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