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IC Cold Links: Pacers Ready To Move On From Chicago

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The Indiana Pacers must be ready to move on from Chicago and prepare for another opponent. The question is: Are they ready for the regular season?

The next game counts but the Pacers still have plenty of work to do to come together as a unit and execute better within their defined roles. Fortunately they have five more days to work through these issues and prepare to play the Detroit Pistons at the Fieldhouse on Monday.

For the bulk of the Pacers roster, they've now had to play seven straight games against the Chicago Bulls and their maddening defense. Any other team will be a welcome sight as long as the Pacers maintain the level of intensity and effort they gave the Bulls. Now is the time for some pros to step forward for the Pacers and not only demand more from their teammates but also lead by example.

After the jump, check out a bunch of links from last night's game.

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