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Ray Allen Exposes Ego Complaining About David West's Ego

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ESPN's Jackie MacMullan, quoted Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen taking exception to David West signing with the Indiana Pacers instead of agreeing to take a little less money and trying to fortify the aging C's for a championship run.

Aside from the fact that the decision not to go to Boston wasn't left solely to West since New Orleans had to agree to a trade to make it happen, Allen also misinterprets West's motives at age 31. He also hasn't looked in the mirror lately. Look, I'm in my 40's and I still feel like I'm 25, so I understand, but Allen is 36 and the "Big Three" ran out of gas last season. Why would West think they'll be in better shape for a run at the Miami Heat this season?

Somebody's ego is in play here, but I'm not so sure it is David West's problem.

Please allow me to direct you to others who made this point quite well.