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IC Cold Links: Pacers At Bulls To Finish Preseason; Waiting On West

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The Indiana Pacers finish their brief preseason schedule on Tuesday night when they take on the Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

The Pacers will be short on regular roster players for the game tonight but just how short will be determined at game time. Newly acquired forward Lou Amundson will not be available to play tonight nor will forward Jeff Pendergraph as he rests his injured knee.

The big question remains whether David West will take the court for the first time. West has been practicing with his teammates but for some reason he and/or the coaching (training?) staff is reluctant to play West until he's in game shape or some other non-sense. I'm no genius, but wouldn't an actual game be the perfect time and place to help West get into "game shape" for the regular season.

Does anyone really care if his presence on the court mucks up the offense or defense due to a lack of familiarity? Isn't that exactly why they play preseason games?

Be bold and play the man. Even if West only plays ten minutes, that's better than nothing and a step in the right direction toward contributing in the regular season. Otherwise I'm just going to have to continue assuming there's some other underlying reason to keep him off the court. I hate making those assumptions.

After the jump, more links on the game tonight including Rip Hamilton preparing for his own debut with the Bulls. Plus, Josh McRoberts made an appearance in the Top 10 highlights after his debut with the Lakers last night.