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IC Cold Links: Time To Defend Brandon Rush; Foster, Stephenson Show At Fieldhouse

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The Indiana Pacers opened up Conseco Fieldhouse, but like many other NBA facilities around the league, attendance was sparse at the gym. Free agent Jeff Foster, who remains Mr. Pacer, and guard Lance Stephenson have been in town throughout the lockout and were the only two to show up to put in work at the Fieldhouse.

The rest of the players are headed to Indy today and tomorrow and will begin working out together under the odd circumstances that don't allow the non-players (including coaches, front office) to talk with the players at the Fieldhouse.

Speaking of odd circumstances, I have to shake my head at the news surrounding Brandon Rush and his (or a hacker's, wink, wink) Twitter binge in which he swapped insults with other people on Twitter. The topic came up yesterday in the front office press conference and was essentially dismissed, but the AP story on the issue appears to have been picked up by every sports news outlet in America today.

As I mentioned last night, this is what constitutes drama for the Indiana Pacers these days? More on this along with the links after the jump.

I'm not saying Rush didn't use poor judgment in responding so harshly while using equally harsh and offensive language. The first thing Clark Kellogg needs to tell Rush when he can speak to him is to familiarization himself with the Block feature on Twitter.

I just can't help but feel like the general public is overreacting just because Rush is an easy punching bag. He can come off as aloof and his inconsistent play while flashing brilliant skill at times can be down right maddening. So that makes him fair game to get destroyed after a few ill-advised tweets?

I read through the whole timeline of tweets and responses (from both sides) and quite honestly it bored me. I received several emails from dismayed fans thinking I should make a big deal out of it and rip Rush for going off on fans. I'm sorry, those were fans? I'd say they were people with Twitter accounts happy to take a shot at an NBA player without repercussions. Then he fires back and everyone is outraged.

Seriously, I just can get upset over the act, in fact I'm obviously more exercised over the reaction to the act. Again, I'm not endorsing the act, (just block 'em) and there's a very good chance Rush will be traded by the Pacers, but it won't have anything to do with these tweets or Rush the person. For the record, I've seen him interact before games many times with actual fans, including big groups with ties to Kansas, and leave them all giddy.

In case you forgot, we've dealt with actual attacks at Club Rio, 8 Seconds Saloon and Cloud 9/Conrad Hotel around here, so a little skirmish on Twitter is nothing more than ridiculous. Let Rush take his lesson learned (did I mention he should block Twitter combatants?) and move on.

Here are a few links of interest, including news that the players and owners will finalize the CBA details today with the players planning to vote on it on December 8th.