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NBA Schedule Spreads Pain Among All Teams Including Pacers

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Among the many useless things we learned during the NBA lockout is that Basketball Related Income (BRI) is important to both the owners and the players. Since the best way to generated BRI is to play basketball, the NBA decided to maximize their income potential in the shortened season by cramming 66 regular season games in four months.

That created a tough chore for the schedule makers but it appears they did a good job spreading the pain among all of the teams. Making it through those nasty stretches with more wins than losses will likely be the difference in making the playoffs or not, or securing home court in the first round.

Tom Ziller surveyed SB Nation bloggers to compile the "most brutal schedule quirks" for each team's schedule. For the Pacers, their main pain point comes at the end of January.

The Pacers play 15 of their first 22 games on the road with the worst stretch of games coming toward the end of January. They play the Lakers in the last game of their only West Coast swing, then have a day off before hosting Orlando, then hit the road the next day to play at Chicago, Boston and Orlando over the next five days.

No complaints, though since every team has to face their share of issues this season. Best solution is to just win.

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