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IC Cold Links: Pacers Prep For Bulls; Rush For Amundson Makes Sense For All

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The Indiana Pacers tuned up for their second preseason game against the Chicago Bulls with a spirited scrimmage at the Fan Jam event yesterday which followed the team's regular practice workout. Despite the end results which don't matter, the Pacers were fortunate to draw the Bulls for the preseason home-and-home since Derrick Rose and Co. provide a dynamic, high-intensity attack to challenge the Pacers at every position.

The Pacers will look a little different on Tuesday at the United Center since they will be without Brandon Rush after three frustrating years. Rush and the Pacers mutually agreed to part ways some time ago but on Sunday word hit that the Pacers finally found a trading partner in Golden State.

Lou Amundson completed the swap of role players which gives the Pacers another front court option. In the last year of his contract, Amundson is owed $2.4 million this year which saves the Pacers about a half million while offering some type of cross between Jeff Foster and Tyler Hansbrough to utilize off the bench.

Also, Amundson seems to provide the perfect Hansel to compliment Jeff Foster's Derek Zoolander. Photoshop pros need to get to work on that pronto.

The Pacers have been active in this micro-offseason the past couple of weeks, so who knows what may happen next. In fact, there was even a report out of New Orleans about the team's interest in Mexican center Gustavo Ayon (thanks, MillerTime31).

After the jump, a mix of links with stories on the trade, Troy Murphy joining the Lakers and Mark Jackson enjoying his opportunity to coach.