Pacers Seek Gustavo Ayon

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I really don't know much about Gustavo unfortunately. This is interesting news nonetheless. It looks like he could end up with the Hornets, but I'm always happy to hear that the Pacers are doing everything they can to improve their roster.

I'm not sure how NBA ready he would be, but he would be another versatile piece in our frontcourt. I suppose he would be a relatively cheap option, but then again, maybe not if other teams are bidding for his services, as well. I would personally find it funny if the David Stern-run NBA Hornets were able to snag Ayon. Talk about obscure.

Does anyone here know more about Gustavo? I'm personally very curious about him and what he could offer. At this point if you're still reading, I'm just typing words to hit the 150 word minimum. Feel free to provide any comments on this potential addition.