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IC Cold Links: Pacers Looking To Improve On Frustrating Loss To Bulls

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The Indiana Pacers came on strong after the opening tip, moving the ball, moving their feet, getting easy buckets and putting up 33 points on the Chicago Bulls in the first quarter.

Then the preseason kicked in.

The Pacers lost their edge and any early momentum they gained to win the game, making just 2 of 23 shots in the second quarter. Plus, Derrick Rose picked up two early fouls in the first quarter along with a great no call that I'm pretty sure would be going to other way in the regular season.

Without David West available, Tyler Hansbrough played like a full-fledged starter, but the team may need him more on the bench as that group struggled to get anything going all night. In fact, the bench crew made just 4 of 23 shots, with George Hill making just 1 of 7 in a frustrating home debut.

After the game, Hill wasn't available for comment, instead he took his frustrations to the practice court.

Check out what others had to say about the game, including the players, in the links after the jump.