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Pacers Taking A Look At Michael Redd

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The Indiana Pacers weren't able to bolster their shooting guard position after missing out on deals with O.J. Mayo and Jamal Crawford, so they've moved onto plan B.

According to Mike Wells, former Milwaukee sharp-shooter Michael Redd was in town talking with the Pacers.

Michael Redd was in Indy for more than the shrimp cocktail at St Elmo's today. He met with the Pacers, too

The Pacers want to add a scorer to the bench. Their pursuit of Mayo and Crawford didn't work out, so now they're looking at Redd.

Redd has become an afterthought at age 32 as he tries to return to the league after suffering multiple, severe knee injuries. The one-time elite shooting guard clawed his way back for a few games last year with the Bucks but just what he could offer at this point is unknown.

For long time, game thread commenters, Redd will always be known for his Safe Auto insurance ads that ran a ridiculous amount of times during game broadcasts two years ago. Do you think he can provide a little "insurance" for the Pacers shooting guard position.

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