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IC Cold Links: Pacers Media Day; Eric Gordon To New Orleans In Chris Paul Trade

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Oh my goodness, I was waylaid yesterday afternoon out of the blue with the worst of all flu-like symptoms. As I'm coming out of the fog of this 24-hour hammer, I realize how glad I am that meetings kept me from attending Pacers Media Day yesterday.

It was driving me nuts earlier in the day on Wednesday, but in hindsight, no one down at the Fieldhouse needed to come into contact with me. Plus, the Pacers did an incredible job of using to take anyone interested inside the whole operation.

Also, local legend Eric Gordon was waylaid himself in a different way when he was notified of the trade between the Clippers and Hornets that would have him swapping places with Chris Paul. Gordon was on an outing with Clippers' season ticket holders when he heard about the deal

After the jump, plenty of links on the Pacers and the big trade yesterday.