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IC Cold Links: David West Talks A Lot On First Day With Pacers

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After listening to several interviews and watching the videos covering David West's first day with the Indiana Pacers, I must say, that is one chill dude and not a guy who enjoys hearing himself speak.

But yesterday he was forced to speak non-stop, or so it seemed, and in the process revealed the type of veteran presence the Pacers added to the locker room. After the jump, there are links to most of the interviews including this one with Query & Schultz. In that discussion, they touched on the Xavier-Cincinnati brawl (West went to Xavier) and West actually showed the most emotion of the day in his words, talking about how bad it was and how he wanted to get down there and be a part of mentoring the players in some form. He could've easily ducked the question and moved on but he engaged the sticky situation like a pro.

Also, there's a great interview with Larry Bird and Chris Denari discussing the signing. Bird touches on the signing of Jeff Foster with a great quote.

"Guys don't like to play against Jeff, they like to play with him. Even in practice, we'll keep Jeff away from David so he won't hurt him."

Check out the links after the jump.