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IC Cold Links: West Set To Join Pacers In Competitive Training Camp

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In between drills, @dahntay1 & @George_Hill3 talk defense as the coaches look on #PacersCamp via <a href="!/Pacers/status/146311029377343488/photo/1" target="new">@Pacers</a>
In between drills, @dahntay1 & @George_Hill3 talk defense as the coaches look on #PacersCamp via @Pacers

Freshly signed free agent forward David West is expected at Conseco FIeldhouse on Tuesday to join his new team in their microwave version of training camp. West will bring with him a good reputation as a veteran pro, that several players are familiar with and eager to add to the mix. Darren Collison played alongside West during his rookie season in New Orleans and leads the welcoming committee.

"He (West) just makes the game so much easier for myself and for others. I think everybody is going to enjoy playing with him. He's extremely competitive and he knows the game. His knowledge of the game is by far one of the best in the league and I think we're going to be pretty happy with who we got."

The Pacers may not be done adding players to camp if reports of a move for a shooting guard (O.J. Mayo, Jamal Crawford) prove true, but regardless the talent level and competition for minutes is much higher when you consider the addition of George Hill and West along with the development of young players. Now Frank Vogel just has to mix and match the parts to find the right mix to produce in his playing rotations.

More on Vogel's pleasant dillema and the crazy "offseason" in the NBA in the links after the jump. Oh, and you have to check out Stephen Jackson's performance at Milwaukee's Media Day -- outstanding.