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Woj: Indiana Pacers To Amnesty James Posey

Indiana Pacers forward James Posey was not in the plans to play this year and in fact, despite being under contract with the team, was not participating in any team practices after training camp started.

It appeared the Pacers would not initially use the amnesty clause to release Posey and gather his $6.9 million cap space unless an additional move was in the works. Since the team has to pay his salary either way, there was no need to let him go just in case another team came calling to put Pose to work.

So now, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Pacers will use the amnesty clause to part ways with Posey.

The Pacers have decided to amnesty James Posey and his $6.9 million contract, league sources tell Y! Sports.

This coming shortly after point guard Chauncey Billups was released by the New York Knicks. Hmm. Honestly, I don't see the fit with Billups at this point or if he would even want to sign with the Pacers. Billups threatened so retire if the wrong team bid on his services while going through waivers. Although, if AND I REPEAT IF the Pacers are interested in Billups, surely they would know he was willing to join the team before using the amnesty clause on Posey.

Regardless, with this news and the buzz of a pending deal for O.J. Mayo, the Pacers are not done making moves this week.