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IC Cold Links: Pacers Keep Working On Moving Up In The East

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Anyone else getting excited to see the Pacers play on Friday?

Preseason, schmee-season, with the positive vibes pumping out of the Fieldhouse it will be nice to get a peek at how this team is coming together for the 2011-12 NBA season when they play their only preseason game on Friday against the Chicago Bulls.

The big news of the weekend broke Sunday afternoon with the team adding David West to the roster and heavy buzz around O.J. Mayo arriving some time soon. That news drowned out the official additions of Jeff Foster and Jeff Pendergraph to training camp over the weekend, with reports on both players showing the Pacers are fortifying the team's culture Frank Vogel is espousing to deliver hard-nosed, high-energy play as a team trademark.

Vogel is pushing his guys hard, while letting them breathe throughout the process. He even allows a little fun after a solid practice. Mike Wells reports that after Sunday's second practice, Vogel and the coaches challenged the players to a free throw shooting contest.

The players had to do ten pushups after each missed free throw. The coaching staff had to do the same after each of their misses.

Brian Shaw, the former NBA player, was the only coach to miss a free throw. The coaches only won because they didn't have to attempt as many free throws.

After the jump, more links with stories on the Pacers' busy weekend.