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Wells: Pacers 'Getting After It In Practice'

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The Indiana Pacers front office is trying to add players to the roster, but those already locked in for the season are making up for lost time with some intense practices at Conseco Fieldhouse.

Mike Wells reports a couple of interesting tidbits from his portion of practice opened up for the media. First, in a tweet today, Wells comments on the strange sight of assistant coaches doing some, well, coaching during the Pacers practice. Jim O'Brien preferred to have one voice, his, do the majority of instruction during practice.

I always found that JOB theory strange to be the norm for practice. Seems like the additional voices can keep more players engaged and make for a more lively environment in practice. As Wells reported from practice yesterday, the Pacers have been quite lively thus far.

Vogel cut practice short a couple of minutes on Saturday after he liked the effort his players were giving. There were at least four or five players on the ground going after a loose ball during the scrimmage. The highlight of that play was Lance Stephenson flying into the scorer's table trying to save the ball from going out. A number of players ran over to Stephenson to help him.

Not sure which news is more impressive: Stephenson diving into the scorer's table for the ball or his teammates running over to help him up.