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NBA Rumors: Indiana Pacers Take Up Role As Free Agent Vultures

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The Indiana Pacers have shown interest in several free agents as they attempt to bolster their roster while scrambling to prepare for the 2011-12 NBA season to start in a couple of weeks.

While it appeared that the key options at power forward, namely Nene and David West, were looking elsewhere, the deals to put those players on title-contending teams has turned out to easier said than done. The sign-and-trade deal to move West to the Celtics is still stuck and as Adrian Wojnarowski reports, the Pacers are now flying above the fray ready to swoop in an pick on the carcass of a dead free agent deals.

Likewise, Mike Wells reports the Pacers remain in the mix for Jamal Crawford despite reports of that he is close to joining the New York Knicks, but are also looking to revive efforts to trade for O.J. Mayo which would likely include a sign-and-trade for Josh McRoberts.

Something has to give will all of these free agent situations since time is running out quickly.