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Pacers Free Agent Update: West Near Deal With Celtics

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The Indiana Pacers appear to be out of the running for option two in their quest to bolster the front court with a power forward. Free agent David West is reportedly ready to leave New Orleans to join the Boston Celtics as part of a sign-and-trade that will leave West in Boston with a 3 year, $27-$29 million deal.

Those type of numbers would've been about perfect for the Pacers to pay West, but what the Pacers couldn't offer West was a legitimate spot on a title contender this season. So now the Pacers move on, although it may be too early to close the book on Nene despite the report of New Jersey's big offer to the big man yesterday.

New Jersey is also looking to land Dwight Howard, who has the same agent as Nene, which may alter their plans to add Nene. In fact, the Nene talks may have just been a nice cover for the Nets to express their interest in Howard. At least the Pacers have laid the groundwork to slide back into discussions if the market for Nene suddenly drops, again.

At some point, the Pacers need to add another body to the front court for practical purposes. At least they will have Jeff Foster and Jeff Pendergraph to throw in the mix as camp resumes this weekend.