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IC Cold Links: NBPA Player Reps Gather Monday To Discuss Options

To play or not to play, that is the question facing the National Basketball Players Association after negotiations with the NBA's ownership group broke down early Sunday morning leaving a deal on the table that David Stern threatened to pull by Wednesday.

Well, to be fair the question is not surrounding the players' willingness to play, it is of course, for how much are they willing to play. As Howard Beck reported, the NBPA player representatives for each team will gather Monday to discuss that key point along with the union's options going forward which include decertifying and moving the 2011-12 NBA season from the basketball court to a court of law. Danny Granger is the player rep for the Indiana PacersHere's a full list of the player reps.

Just seems like the closer they both sides get to a physical deal, the further they separate emotionally as pragmatic compromise was left on the side of the road long ago.

Check out all of the latest details in the links after the jump.