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Indiana Pacers Offer Training Camp Invite To Famous Player

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Jarrid Famous, to be more specific.

According to Scott Schroeder, former South Florida big man Jarrid Famous will take a break after a strong start to the D-League season with the Iowa Energy to attend the Indiana Pacers training camp after he's allowed to sign with the team starting on December 9th.

Famous certainly has NBA size 6'11", 240 pounds and has been productive in his first three games with the Energy.

Famous is playing for the Iowa Energy and, following Wednesday's matinee game, the 6-foot-11 rookie out of South Florida is averaging 24.7 points and 12.7 rebounds -- 6.7 of which are coming off of the offensive glass. The 23-year-old averaged 8.7 points and 5.4 rebounds during his senior season with the Bulls.

According to his DraftExpress bio, Famous is not worthy of the bright lights at the defensive end of the court. Hopefully that has been a point of emphasis with Famous in the months of work he put in since the draft. Unlike previous camps, the Pacers have roster spots open and even if they sign a few free agents they may end up leaving a spot or two open for competition in the abbreviated camp to keep costs down at the end of the bench.

There's already one "famous" Jared from Indy, I wonder if the city can handle two.