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Rik Smits Still Enjoying Motocross After NBA Retirement

Rik Smits prefers the mud  but still looks good sporting the 45.
Rik Smits prefers the mud but still looks good sporting the 45.

Jim Weber caught up with former Indiana Pacers center Rik Smits recently (thanks for the FanShot Jamison1) and found the Dunkin' Dutchman still enjoying motocross racing with no plans to slow down. That is if he can remain healthy enough to ride.

The same injuries that forced Smits to retire after the Pacers NBA Finals run in 1999-2000 may eventually keep him off the dirt. Smits gutted out 79 regular season games that year on balky feet with nerve damage to average 13 points and 5 rebounds per game.

As for the present, Smits is fortunate to be able to ride after all the medical problems he's had over the years. Smits' left knee has been surgically repaired, size 21 feet have been treated for nerve damage and his aching back continues to limit his travel because he can't take long trips in the car.

Yet, Smits says his body still feels good riding a bike. And as long as his health holds up, Smits hopes there is plenty more motocross riding ahead.

"I've seen a guy in Arizona one year and he was 93-years old," Smits said. "So as long as you can go, they let you race."

A couple of years ago we had a great FanPost on Smits and love of motocross racing. I recall the story getting a ton of traffic from a specific site that was unfamiliar. Turns out the story was linked on a site for men who like tall men. I love American subcultures. You never know where thousands of like-minded folks are hanging out nor what brings them together.