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Indiana Pacers Trade Rumors Continue With Celtics' Rajon Rondo Now An Option

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It is no surprise that the Indiana Pacers are involved in early trade rumors and free agent speculation thanks to the amount of both cap space and desire they have to make changes. But before the season starts on Christmas Day the Pacers may end up being mentioned in EVERY trade rumor.

The first big rumor involves the Boston Celtics moving point guard Rajon Rondo to the Pacers as part of a potential three-team deal for the C's to acquire Chris Paul. Maybe I'm too familiar with all of the blemishes on the Pacers roster but every time I try to add up some combination of players to include in such a deal, someone is getting screwed and it wouldn't be the Pacers.

There should be no doubt that every Pacer under contract is a potential trade target, but I can't see the Pacers giving up Danny Granger for a player like Rondo, unless they have more options in the hopper. Rondo would continue a tradition of Pacer point guards with a sketchy outside shot from T.J. Ford to Jamaal Tinsley to Mark Jackson to Pooh Richardson to Vern Fleming. None torched the nets from behind the arc although Jax had his share of "No, No, No...Great shot!" moments.

But Rondo can make plays and what he brings better than any of those past PG's is a perimeter defensive presence, especially on the ball, which hasn't been seen from from an Indiana point guard since Fleming. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. How will the Pacers be able to land Rondo, again?

Aside from the Pacers issues with the deal, it may not happen just because New Orleans gets a better deal elsewhere. Eric Gordon was mentioned as part of a package the L.A. Clippers my offer. That would be good for the Pacers too, since Gordon may be more willing to leave the Hornets than a stocked Clippers team when he's a free agent next summer.

Plenty of other rumors and speculation in the links after the jump as the NBA free agent market is now open for business. Speaking of which, don't miss Tom Ziller's complete list of free agent options.