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NBA Players Reforming Union, League Ready To Open Doors This Week

The NBA players and owners are ready to take the tentative description off of the CBA deal they agreed to early Saturday morning. In fact, the Indiana Pacers players could be back in Conseco Fieldhouse working out as early as Thursday.

According to David Aldridge, the players are working toward re-forming their union with the first order of business to be officially approving the labor agreement.

NBA players have been mailed cards that will begin the process of re-forming their union, according to a source. Players have been asked to return the cards as soon as possible to expedite the potential reformation, which is necessary before the league and players can formally conclude negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement.

So the league is now tentatively held hostage by the U.S. Postal Service and the players' ability to send back the cards. I hope the union included a self-addressed stamped envelope when they mailed out those cards. Seriously, shouldn't there be some sort of technology to provide a more efficient solution here. Oh, well.

A better sign that the lockout will soon be behind us comes from a series of tweets by Adrian Wojnarowski on Tuesday night, explaining that the league was ready to allow teams to talk with agents starting on Wednesday and that players could begin using team facilities on Thursday.

NBA executives told that they can start talking to agents, and practice facilities will open to players on Friday, source tells Y! Sports.

To be clearer, teams can start talking to agents on Wednesday about deals for players. No deals can be official until Dec. 9.

Coaches are anxious to get players back into gyms and begin working with them. Training camps open on Dec. 9.

NBA has already updated teams and told them that team facilities will now open to players on Thursday instead of Friday, sources tell Y!

The Pacers front office better not forget their phone chargers on Wednesday because they'll have plenty of calls to make and take all day.