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IC Cold Links: NBA Labor Deal Will Help Pacers Immediately And Down The Road

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The playing field for all 30 NBA teams still isn't level and the Indiana Pacers will have to find ways to creatively compete with the big market teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks. But the new deal will definitely help the Pacers and thanks to the strong financial position of the current roster, that help can begin immediately.

As details of the NBA's new CBA continue to emerge, the long-term impact of luxury tax benefits and revenue sharing among teams won't begin making an impact for two years when the stiffer penalties kick in starting with the 2013 season. 

But with the teams keeping more of the BRI money, along with shorter contracts and smaller raises, the Pacers are in position to manage their roster without being forced to wildly spend on risky talent.

The amnesty clause is also available immediately which may offer the Pacers a chance to add a player or two without having to hit the free agent market. Teams under the cap have first crack at players released under the amnesty clause by submitting bids for the player in a modified waiver system.

The Pacers are among the teams with the best cap situation to take advantage of players up for bid after the amnesty clause sets them free. Plus, the pool of bidders isn't too deep with the Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Memphis Grizzlies, New Jersey Nets, Washington Wizards and New Orleans Hornets joining the Pacers with varying amounts of cap space to utilize. Of course that depends on which players are amnestied (love NBA verbs) since teams can use the option once on a player signed before July 1, 2011 at any time during the CBA deal.

I really think the Pacers will be conservative with their spending and continue hoarding cap space unless the perfect situation unfolds. With that in mind, they may not use the amnesty clause on James Posey because that extra cap space could make it a challenge to reach the $49 million minimum team payroll and since they would still have to pay Posey they might as well keep him on the cap.

The bottom line, though is that the Pacers are primed and ready to continue building with the flexibility to take advantage of the new CBA provisions without dumping all of their money into one or two players.

After the jump, plenty of links that dig into the CBA and the NBA season which will begin soon!