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NBA Owners And Players Reach Agreement To Put Pacers Back In Business And On The Court!

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After 15 hours of negotiations, the NBA owners and players reached a tentative agreement to end the NBA lockout at 3:00AM on Saturday morning.

The actual CBA deal must be completed and approved by both sides, but the key issues have been resolved with both sides expecting approval and the league tipping off with a triple-header on Christmas Day. Those games are expected to be the three originally scheduled with the Boston Celtics at New York Knicks, Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls at the Los Angeles Lakers.

That means the Indiana Pacers will likely start their season on December 26th as the league hopes to squeeze in a 66-game schedule before the playoffs.

Here is Danny Granger's first reaction to the news on Twitter.

I'm pretty sure the vote will happen either tomorrow or sunday...let's all pray this turns out well

So as you can see this story is just beginning, but initial reports also expect to see a week-long free agency period starting on December 9th, although I'm sure that will begin this morning behind the scenes. Needless to say we will hear the Pacers tied to nearly every free agent since they have so much cap room and other player agents may be trying to gin up leverage. Should be fun!

After the jump, several links to reports on the agreement. Also, please share your thoughts about the end of the lockout and where the Pacers should start to fill out their roster.