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Report: Pacers Guard George Hill Close To Signing With Olympiakos

According to a few reports, Indiana Pacers guard George Hill is close to signing a deal with Olympiakos (Greece) to play in the Euroleague assuming the NBA lockout is not resolved this weekend or any time soon.

Mike Wells tweets that Hill's agreement would not prevent him from returning to the Pacers once the NBA is ready to play again.

Hill's deal, which could be complete within 24 hours, will allow him to return to the NBA once the lockout ends.

Tim Griffin from the San Antonio Express-News reports the news as well, with a link to the initial report from a Greek sports site which indicates Olympiakos is also interested in signing Jose Calderon

Hill is the latest player tied to a new gig this week as the NBA owners and players try to resolve the lockout in New York. T.J. Ford quickly jumped into action in Zagreb, Croatia, logging 10 assists in his first game, but also taking a shot above his right eye which he tweets, quickly exposed the difference between playing in Croatia and the NBA.

Hill would join fellow Indiana native and Butler legend, Matt Howard on the 3-3 Olympiakos roster. Howard injured his foot early in the second game of the season and hasn't played again according to the