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NBA Lockout: Woj Reports NBA, Players Talking Settlement

Since the NBPA became a trade association redirecting the NBA labor fight to the courts and antitrust suits, things have been pretty quiet. Other than players' lawyer David Boies, there's been nary a peep on working toward a settlement because everyone involved knows this things won't go the full route of an antitrust trial.

But today we get a peep of good news from tweets via Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski that both sides have quietly been meeting the past two days.

NBA and players resumed talks on Tuesday to try and end the lockout before the cancellation of Christmas games, two sources told Y! Sports. Talks were expected to continue today, sources said, and one league source tells Y!: "We should know more by later this evening." Derek Fisher isn't a part of the talks now, sources say.

Cool. No surprise that actual players aren't taking part in these types of talks since this is territory for the lawyers on both sides to strike a compromise. Seems like the players will jump at any resulting deal offered up with a legal leg to stand on to justify their losses in the deal.

The sticking point remains the owners and the various agendas among different factions. Hopefully their hand is forced this week and we can move toward a resolution.