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NBA Free Agent Options For Pacers Increase With Lost Season

The Indiana Pacers have loads of cap room and are patiently waiting to hit the NBA free agent market whenever the NBA lockout ends. One problem with speculating on those options for the 2011-12 season has been the lack of quality players in the current free agent group.

Nene Hilario and David West appear to be the prized possibilities and if the new CBA changes things, you can add Tyson Chandler to that group. Still, more serviceable than sexy, no?

Well, the boys at Eye On Basketball took a peek ahead the other day, compiling what would be a deep and talented free agent class should the NBA season be wiped out and next year's free agents join the current class of available players. EOB broke down the top 15 free agents (both restricted and unrestricted) at each position and just looking at the top players at each slot give you a flavor for the talented options.

  • Point guard - Derrick Rose
  • Shooting guard - Eric Gordon
  • Small forward - Gerald Wallace
  • Power forward - Kevin Love
  • Center - Dwight Howard

Small forward, a position the Pacers would likely like to bolster last, has the weakest group of impact players, but the point guard slot goes on to add Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Steve Nash. Considering the Pacers would have around an extra $8 million to add to the current cap space, giving the organization more than $40 million to spend, it could be might interesting.

How do you think the Pacers would spend their money on that monster free agent class?