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Danny Granger: NBA Players 'Leave It To The Lawyers'

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Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger was the team's NBPA player representative before the union disclaimed and became a trade association. In that role, Granger was briefed on the union's negotiations with the NBA and also attended meetings in New York to gain first-hand knowledge.

Granger discussed the lockout on NBC Sports Talk on Thursday and admitted that now that the union is no more and he  is not officially a player representative, he doesn't know what the players' approach will be outside of the antitrust lawsuits. While explaining how his role changed along with the process, Granger said, "We will leave it to the lawyers to handle it."

Hopefully those lawyers are vigorously pursuing a settlement strategy which I assume will require the players involvement to eventually reach a deal. But for now it appears from Granger's comments that the vast majority of players are blindly following the lead of former union leaders and the aforementioned lawyers.

Granger expressed his frustration with David Stern's role in the labor negotiations.

"I don't think he's (Stern) done a good job of conveying to the owners what's the most important things for an NBA team, for an NBA season and for the NBA as a whole organization. The lockout has really damaged the game. How much, I don't think we know yet but we'll find out, and as a commissioner I just don't think he should have really let it get that far."

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