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What Are The Odds The Indiana Pacers Play This Season?

Considering all of the gloom and doom news reports surrounding the NBA lockout along with the unpleasant tone spewed by both the league and players as they try to paint the other in a negative light, it is easy to consider the 2011-12 NBA season a wash with little hope of a resolution salvaging enough games to deliver a respectable season.

Then there is the first court date for the players' antitrust suit in California which is set for February 29th, 2012. No word on if the players will put on a three-point shootout and dunk contest in the parking lot, but if both sides want to take their chances in court, the season is indeed hosed. Pretty sad outlook, right? 

Things are so bad, you have to look to your bookie for a little hope. The oddsmakers have released prop bet odds on Bodog that present a more positive outlook with almost even odds that there will be an NBA season, although said season starting before January 1 is a long shot. These guys have no dog in the labor fight, they're just trying to make a buck so I'll take solace in fact they think the NBA season remains in play. Here are the odds:

Will a 2011-2012 NBA Regular Season game be played before January 1st, 2012?
Yes +200
No -300

Will the NBA cancel the entire 2011-2012 Regular Season?
Yes -150
No +110

What percent of the BRI (Basketball Related Income) will the Players receive during the next Collective Bargaining Agreement?
Over/Under 50.5%

The under sure looks pretty tasty on that last prop. Where would you put your money?