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NBA Lockout: League And Players Negotiate Released CBA Offer Through Social Media

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The NBPA player representatives are planning to meet today to go through the latest and, if you believe David Stern, final offer from the NBA owners. At some point the players will either vote on the deal or move their decertification effort forward or both.

This whole thing continues to take strange twists, but Sunday evening was surely the strangest. With players and agents openly shooting down the NBA's offer over the weekend, the league went on the offensive last night, offering to answer any questions on Twitter in hopes of clearing up what they felt was misinformation being spread by the other side.

Easier said than done, of course. Matt Moore at Pro Basketball Talk breaks down the details of the Twitter Q & A. Also, USA Today released a copy of the league's proposal. Then for those of use who are visual learners, the league released a power point presentation on the deal on YouTube. Check it out after the jump.

After all of this, I have no idea what to expect from the players today, or the league for that matter. Although, I'm definitely not expecting a deal.